Your child is going to be 2 years

Your child is going to be 2 years

If your child is going to be 2 years, you can’t miss this. Give your little one the best gift on his/her Second Birthday. So come to ‘Little Pearls’ Delhi’s most loved and best preschool.

Let’s celebrate their 2nd Birthday together!

Together, let’s make our little ones blossom and create a happy and powerful beginning for them.

Remember your 2 year old is smarter than you think!

We as parents are concerned that our little one might not be able to manage without us or accommodate with the surroundings easily. We have a range of anxieties about him/her like:

  • She has never stayed away from me!
  • She still hasn’t started speaking!
  • My son isn’t toilet trained!
  • My son can’t eat by himself!

But given the right environment and guidance, anyone can turn things around in his/her favour. He/she can become independent much faster when the child joins the best preschool named ‘Little Pearls’ and also be a part of a healthy peer group.

All your little wonder needs is a SAFE, FRIENDLY and CARING environment.

We at ‘Little Pearls’ understand your concern and therefore provide your child with a stimulating environment where he/she can easily settle down comfortably. Our HM Dr. Ekta Sharma is actively involved in developing new skills and techniques in child handling and parenting and upgrading the existing ones so that he/she can develop a relationship with his/her environment and can enjoy learning every bit. During the settling days our specially trained and competent staff ensures that:

  • They get a lot of care and personal attention.
  • They enjoy every moment spent with us.
  • Specially designed interesting and healthy meals are served for them.
  • Special activities like ball pool, jungle cub, water play, glass painting, dancing, music, dramatization, etc. are conducted to make learning truly joyful.

So 2 years is the right time for your child to join the school. Most experts call your child’s 2nd year the ‘Miracle Year’.

Turn it into the ‘Incredible Year’.

Don’t miss the chance join Little Pearls and dance.

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