A comprehensive pre-school and day-care centre

A comprehensive pre-school and day-care centre

Little Pearls

Little Pearls a comprehensive pre-school and day-care centre is rated one of the top three best pre-schools of Delhi.

At Little Pearls we are committed to promoting learning with fun. It is our mission to create a welcoming environment for students and families from across the globe and to provide those students with an international education of the highest standard. We inculcate respect for people of all nationalities, religions and cultures as the students are drawn from India and countries from across the globe.

We take pride as we watch these students develop in an environment of praise and encouragement. Our well-qualified and committed faculty prepare them for moving on to schools and educational systems around the world and for their lives beyond.

Our approach to the education of young children recognises that they are inquirers who explore and are engaged through synergy from teaching methodologies like Playway, Reggio Emelia and Montessori in order to build a foundation to become life-long learners

We promote education beyond the purely academic by being the initial education building block and to createopportunitiesfor all round development of students. We are facilitators and guides to help our young children develop emotionally, physically, creatively and socially.

As an educational institute we focus on the education of the whole child and a positive attitude toward learning. We recognise that all children are unique and come with a variety of learning styles, skills, and cultural background and stress the importance of collaborative work and the development of respect and understanding of themselves and others.

Our bright and colourful class rooms, lobbies and various learning centres stimulate learning in a variety of ways. We, at Little Pearls, focus on the children’s skills of memory and observation, problem solving, logical thinking apart from empowering the child’s vocabulary.

An integrated curriculum is followed integrating philosophies of the following three methodologies.


  • it is child centered
  • Voluntary and spontaneous
  • Gives a child the space to explore
  • Children invent , explore and experiment and learn while doing so
  • Helps in cognitive development
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Language and social skills
  • Creativity
  • Teachers facilitate thru role play , puppet shows, drama , theme based learning n field trips


  • Also child centric in its approach
  • Child is an active participant along with the teacher as a facilitator , parent as a second facilitator  and school environment  as the third
  • Documentation is an important tool– provides  visible learning
  • Children express their ideas thru symbols , drama , painting , music and dance


  • Child centered
  • Each child is allowed to work at his or her own pace
  • An environment is created for a group of children to work in
  • There is a mix of age groups thus allowing one to learn from the other younger and older
  • Activity based
  • Use of specially designed Montessori equipment
  • A child is free to choose the equipment and the number of times he or she wants to do one activity with the guidance of a teacher

The Day Care

The day care centre in Little Pearls caters to the needs of the children from 9 months up to 10 years of age. Trained nurses and special staff ensure the children are well taken care of. After school activities, educational toys and age-appropriate activities keep the children happily engaged making it one of the best crèches & day care centres in Delhi.

Little Pearls welcomes open communication between parents and teachers on all matters regarding the welfare and development of our students.

At Little Pearls, children are our focus and “love, laughter and learning” our aim.

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