Learning to Enjoy Learning

Learning to Enjoy Learning

Learning starts in infancy, long before formal education begins and continues throughout life. Early learning begets later learning and early success breeds later success, just as early failure breeds later failure. – James J. Heckman

 Little Pearls, is a renowned premier pre-school and Day Care Centre which is backed by The House of Pearls Fashions Limited and Little People Education Society.

Located in one of the most secure and exclusive areas of Delhi, Little Pearls motto is “Learning to Enjoy Learning”  and believes in excellence and encouragement of development in all facets of a child’s personality. We are passionately zealous about fostering and developing young children in their nascent age in a secure environment and monitor all activities of the child through our safety conscious staff and a web of CCTV’s. We excel in providing niche and highest quality of preschool education through innovative child-centric curriculum and thought-provoking surroundings, emphasizing on individuality by guiding and nurturing them to learn, develop and excel in a safe environment.
Little Pearls emphasizes on making learning fun filled and focuses on holistic and aesthetic development of the little CHILDREN under our tutelage. We pride in having an ultra modern infrastructure and employ thoroughly professional and dedicatedly enthusiastic teachers with excellent communication and inter personal skills.
The ever smiling and untiring educator not only provides love and affection to the children but also give adequate space and unstructured play time to explore and unreservedly express their viewpoints for personal, physical, creative and emotional development.

The emphasis is not only on academics but also on co-curricular activities, communicative art and design skills and self-expressive language skills. Extracurricular activities like dance, art and craft, pottery, music are provided to the children for their overall development. The aim is to channelize the energy and encourage the chilDREN to develop their hidden aptitude and talent, through informal interactions and structured group activities.

Little Pearls emphasizes on building team work by teaching the tiny tots to work harmoniously in large and small groups and to develop cooperativeness, self help skills and social consciousness. Our institute, provides a home away from home and assiduously imbibes the cultural values of our great nation.
Due to children from various nations being admitted in the school, Little Pearls prides itself in having a rich multi-faceted, multi-cultural and international environment which promotes bilingualism and develops knowledge and understanding of the world.

A healthy, balanced diet makes an important contribution to childrens growth and development, to their educational performance and to their long-term health and well-being. We pay unstinted consideration to the child’s hygiene and nutrition by ensuring that nutritious meals provided to the child is approved by a renowned dietician.

We have also been awarded No.1 status in Safety and Hygiene standards by Edu World.
For the convenience of working parents, Little Pearls also has a Day Care Centre for infants and tiny tots. The state of the art infrastructure with aesthetic and very stringent quality standards is home to an exceptional infant care programme.

The trained Teachers and Governess / Nannies, complement good parenting, by providing quality care based on professional management and modern, scientific approach. The centre has been equipped with educational aids, safe cribs, high chairs, toys, books, games, etc. to facilitate development of the child through his/her process of growing up.

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