Newsletter for the month January 2017

Dear Parents,

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous 2017.

The year starts with a resolution to give yet another year of love, laughter and learning to our children.

The beginning of the month gave enough rest to our young ones and we missed them a lot. Getting back to routine was difficult for some children and some of them really looked forward to it. To ensure that children are not affected by weather, all rooms were installed with heaters and outdoor activities were restricted on very cold days. But, I am happy to say that weather did not dampen the spirits of children.

The theme of the month was aquatic animals and children loved the huge sea wall created by their teachers for them. Their fascination with underwater diver was amazing. By the end of the month almost all are able to identify and talk about sea animals. We have introduced theme tables in pre nurseries, KG and Nursery for the clarity in concepts and more hands on experience.

Children were beautifully dressed in Tricolours for the celebration of Republic Day and showed feeling of patriotism by hoisting flag and singing national anthem.

Reading club in Nursery and KG has shown active participation and we would request parents to continue with the effort. We are all very excited about the annual day and looking forward to the rehearsals in the month of February. A humble request to all the parents to inform the class teacher if the child is not able to participate due to any reason.

Have a great year ahead.

Dr. Ekta Sharma

Principal, Little Pearls

Newsletter for the month of December 2016


The month of X’Mas and wait for Santa always leave children excited and happy. Children were looking forward to their X’Mas break and have told their teachers about their X’Mas wishes that have to be fulfilled by Parent Santas.

Children went for a farm visit in the first week and not only played but learnt about various farm animals. Stress is given on life skills and making them independent to take care of themselves and their belongings and we are very pleased to see their development in these areas.

The month’s theme was wild animals and learning about animals is always filled with stories, different characters and moral lessons. Children could not only relate to different characters but also learnt dialogues of stories and narrated it in class. To inculcate habit of reading, nursery and KG classes have started a reading club where books are issued every Friday and it is mandatory for a parent to help and monitor child’s reading in the week.

Little Pearls wishes merry X’Mas and a very Happy New Year to all parents. As a new year resolution, we would aim to make this world a better and safer place for our children where they blossom an develop to the best of their abilities.

Looking forward to next year with excitement and a positive spirit.

Best regards
Dr Ekta Sharma
Little pearls

Newsletter – November 2016


We are moving towards the last month of the year and looking back at the month gone by has always been joyful. The theme of the month was Pet and Farm animals. Children enjoyed creating farms and learning about the lives of these animals. Stress was given to learning of the new vocabulary and getting familiar with habitats of different animals. To follow it up a farm visit is planned on 2nd December 2016 where children will experience what they have studied.

November was filled with the colours of different countries and their attires. Little Pearls acknowledges and highly appreciates the efforts of all the parents who not only took out time from their busy schedule but presented their cultures in simplified and understandable ways so that children can enjoy it. Their dresses, interaction with the little children and the yummy goodies were thoroughly enjoyed and will be remembered.

A movie with popcorns made Children’s Day fun and exciting. It was followed by shaking of legs by our budding dancers.

Looking forward to the new month and festivities of Xmas with love, laughter and learning.

Thank you


Dr Ekta Sharma 


The Theme – Insects

 The month of September was all about grasshoppers, ants, bees, butterflies and ladybugs!!

A lot of excitement was abuzz as children spotted, collected and even brought a few insects for Show & Tell. Apart from the learning on insects, children enjoyed art, pottery, rhymes & songs. Altogether an exciting theme in which all children enjoyed participating.

Science Experience

The children learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly through videos, stories and picture books. They were always delighted in the end to see the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a pretty butterfly.


The story of “The Hungry Caterpillar” held the attention of the children as they did a picture walk through the book and listened with interest and active participation to the much-loved story.

Chef’s Special

With insects being the theme of the month the cookery class too saw enthusiastic chefs create ‘bug snacks’– it sure was fun!

Grandparents Day

Nana-Nanis, Dada- Dadis participated enthusiastically during our Grandparents Day celebrations. They encouraged our little ones as they engaged in different activities and games in the classrooms. Thank You Grandparents for making the day so special for us!

                              ‘Side by side or far apart,

                     Our grandparents are always in our hearts’

 Showcasing Talent

“Ramlila” (the story of Lord Ram) was enacted by the children of Little Pearls. The practice sessions were filled with fun and laughter as each child essayed their role with great enthusiasm. They showcased their talent as they spoke their dialogues, sang and danced as they rehearsed for the grand show! Photographs of the show will be available soon. Please contact the reception for the same.

Understanding the concept of ‘Show and Tell’ with parent-teacher involvement

The topics given for  ‘Show and Tell’ have been covered in the class in great detail – we have talked about them, done related art work, played games and lots more to reinforce the concept.The main purpose of this activity is to encourage children to develop :-

  • Language skills
  • Thinking skills
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Building confidence

Now, we are sending it home to parents. As a parent it gives you an opportunity to bond with your child to get to know what your child has been learning at school- (topics given in work plan)

You as a parent and the child work together to create a small/short presentation of the topic, e.g. for the number 5, you may cut out pictures from an old magazine of animals, fruits, etc, stick them on a sheet of paper to represent the number (This is only a suggestion, you are free to use your creativity with the child). Help the child learn a line or two related to the concept as the child can then speak about it in school e.g. My name is……….I have 5 fingers 1-2-3-4-5. Also write this in the school diary so that the teacher can support the child in school on the specified day. Please do keep the activity simple to ensure that the child is the main participant in preparing for the activity

Theme of October

There are many different types of trees, plants, leaves and flowers around us.This unit will help children understand and observe different types of plants and their characteristics e.g. how plant grows from seed into a plant, parts of the plant, what do plants need ……….Plant has additional characteristic i.e. its ability to make its own food.

EVENTS & CELEBRATIONS 8th Oct: PTM with report cards28th Oct: Diwali CelebrationHOLIDAYS

9th Oct – 12th Oct: Dusshera Break

19th Oct: Karvachauth

29th Oct – 1st Nov: Diwali Break








Dear Parents,

Greetings from Little Pearls as we bring you a peek into the month gone by and the new theme that begins in the month of August !

After the fun-filled excitement of the Summer Camp and Summer vacations the children were excited to get back to school. They stepped into colourful classrooms which were done up to welcome the Monsoon and showcase the Fruit &Vegetable theme.

D.E.A.R. Time

The highlight of the month was the introduction of D.E.A.R Time (Drop Everything And Read) every Monday and Friday. To inculcate a love for books and reading, all children gather together every Monday and Friday for a 15 minute session with a story book. Kachroo Rabbit – the read aloud story of the month was in sync with the theme of the month.

**Parents do read to your children as it helps them in a myriad ways.

Dress Up Day

Excitement was in the air as Superman, Batman, Princesses, Doraemon, Spiderman, Butterflies, Pirates, Pilots entered the school foyer – it was Dress Up Day!!  Their exhilaration was palpable as they spoke about their favourite characters and heroes.

Baby Pearls (Martina – Kajal)

The little ones enjoyed the Pottery activity and painted their creations red to make cute red cherries which they took home. Music and movement and Pretend play are great favourites with the children.

Akoya Pearls (Anju – Sonia) & Oyster Pearls  (Mona – Supriya)

Science experiments are always interesting.  Children enjoyed working with colours, water and sponge. Science in Everyday life introduced the experiment of colour mixing. The children learnt that water is colourless yet it changes colour as different colours are added to it.

As part of the Montessori Life skill activities children learnt how to wash hands properly. Shopping during pretend play and Chef’s day created a fun day in school.


 Exotic Pearls (Suraksha – Deepshikha) & Peach Pearls (Anamika – Lekha)

The “Show and Tell” activity exposed the children to an array of fruits, their colour, texture and importance in their diet.

Class discussions on this season included talking about clouds, gumboots, raincoats, frogs, snails and other things. The children found a snail in the garden. Their curiosity was piqued when they saw the snail hiding its head under its hard shell! Vocabulary was enriched as the children talked about protective gear and things related to the rainy season.

Golden Pearls  (Sangeeta – Parul)

Children enjoyed learning about the water cycle as they understood how water evaporates and comes back as rain.  There was much joy and learning too,as the class talked and discussed the ongoing monsoon season gathering information from each other.

When a classmate celebrates, everyone joins in. So there was a Eid celebration in the classroom as children hugged each other and sang ‘Eid Mubarak’.

 Awabi Green Pearls  (Manisha)

‘Why do apples turn brown?’ – the kindergartners engaged in an experiment on Oxidation where one half of an apple turned brown immediately when it was left exposed to the air while the other half which was rubbed with lemon juice took longer to turn brown. It was a delight as the children observed, smelt, touched and later tasted the apple!

The little gardeners had a hands-on experience as they planted potatoes – and yes, they now know that potatoes grow under the ground!!

“Show and Tell” was a confidence booster as it saw each child speak up about the variety of fruit seeds they had brought.

The Kindergarten class enjoyed pretending to be fruit and vegetable sellers. Imagination and creativity came to the fore as the children created trendy shopping bags for their parents using old newspapers and cereal boxes.

The month ended on a high note as the children set up a Fruit & Vegetable Market for their parents. They were eager to demonstrate their learning on this subject and put the concept of sale and purchase into practice.

The month of August introduces the new theme – “Community Helpers”.

The month brings with it many celebrations of our Indian festivals.

                COMMUNITY HELPERS

This Theme talks about the work people do in communities. We talk about the way these people help us in our day to day lives, the tools they use, the uniforms they wear and the tasks they undertake e.g. the Doctor helps us stay healthy, the postman gets our mail to us……..

CELEBRATIONS & EVENTS12th August (Friday) – Independence Day17th August (Wednesday) – Raksha Bandhan24th August (Wednesday) – JanamashtmiVISITS

5th August (Friday) – Visit to the Post Office/Fire station


15th August (Monday) – Independence Day

18th August (Thursday) – Raksha Bandhan

25th August (Thursday) – Janamashtmi



NEWSLETTER for the month of JULY 2016

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”                                                                                       Benjamin Franklin

It’s time to get back to school after the long summer break! Loads of exciting learning and fun filled activities as we begin our new theme for the month of July.

It’s all about…………….


Children explore different fruits and vegetables, talk about healthy foods. They enjoy tasting, touch and feel and even put together a salad or two!! The Mango season is here and we are going to celebrate the King of Fruits with yummy mango tasting!!

The second part of the theme deals with SEASONS.

We talk about different seasons and the clothes we wear during each season.


CELEBRATIONS15th July – Dress up Day29th July – Fruit and Vegetable Market



     HOLIDAYSth July –  Eid-Ul-Fitr




Dear Parents,

I would like to welcome all the new parents who have joined us after the break. Welcome to the family of Little Pearls. We completed yet another month of learning never missing a chance to have fun. The month of August was full of celebrations and visits. The month started with décor of the foyer and classes is sync with topic” Community workers”. A heartfelt  appreciation for the parents who came and shared their professional expertise with children.

Children were not only proud to see their parents addressing everyone but also enjoyed the whole experience from a different angle. A small talk, an hour of your time can be such a huge gesture and experience for being a part of your child’s day. All kids enjoyed the talk and the visits that were planned with community workers.

August also brings a sense of patriotism as we celebrated Independence Day .The craft work smeared with tri colors and children came to know about national symbols .

KG loved their baking workshop with Chef  Akshaay Saka Seth .Not only they savoured  their cake and pizza but took home important lessons on safety.

Teachers tried to make the learning based an hands on experiences and children were given an opportunity to discover explore imagine and discuss.

The month ended with the celebration of Raksha Bandhan and since RAKHI  is an Indian festival our expat children enjoyed the festival and goodies that come with it.

The highlight was the visit to President’s house on the festival of Raksha Bandhan .

Our Children had grand experience of seeing the President,his daughter and made the headlines with picture on the facebook of Rashtrapathi  Bhavan.

Looking forward to the coming month with excitement and curiosity.

Thank you

Dr Ekta Sharma



Newsletter for the month of February 2015

The session of 2014-15 has come to an end and it’s the time for some of our little ones to leave the nest and move to the formal schools. Children thoroughly enjoyed winter holidays and came back refreshed in January. Lot of activities were planned around the theme of aquatic animals. Different colourful fish and a big octopus in the centre didn’t fail to fascinate them.

The theme for the month of February is Transport and the concept learning involved lot of role plays of air travel, boat journey and rail/train travel. In sync with the theme, children enjoyed train ride in Railway Museum. Smiles on their faces revealed the fun they had during the ride. Nature walk was another highlight in which our little ones explored the wonders of the nature with magnifying glass in their hands and learnt how not to step on little insects and caterpillars. The whole month children were rehearsing for the annual day. The effort in copying the teachers, matching steps with peers and handling the props is a sight not to miss.  They are all working hard to impress their parents and are gearing up for their first stage performance. Let’s wish them all the best for the same.

Parents, our annual day is on 14th March 2015(Saturday) and rehearsal in the auditorium is on 13th March 2015(Friday). Another important date is “Graduation day” on 5th March 2015(Thursday). Please block these important dates in your diaries. Details will be sent later.

Thank you,
Dr Ekta Sharma

Newsletter for the month of November 2014


November was the month of Diversity and celebrations.

                      The month started with the theme of farm and pet animals and decor of the foyer presented a picture perfect back drop. Old McDonald rhyme was a routine and learning led to many more curious questions. In sync with the topic, a picnic to Mrs. Seth’s farm house was arranged. Children enjoyed feeding farm animals and left no opportunity to have fun at bounce and swings. Open space and perfect weather was the combo they longed for. Children’s day called for the dance party and games. Clearly No Formal and routine class was the message they had on their lips

                      Second half of the month was full of learning and getting to know about different cultures. Beautiful costumes, presentations and the participation of the parents turned it into an awesome experience. By the end of first week we were all looking forward for more every day. I would personally like to thank all the parents who not only made us aware of their beautiful and diverse cultures but added fun in the form of singing and dancing.

                       The month ended on an intellectual note in the form a Science Fair. Our little Einsteins put on their thinking caps and explained simple fundamentals of life spread all around us. These experiments have been conducted in the classes by the teachers as well and the children have been given the explanation in the simplest way they can understand.

                         Kudos to all children and these are the small steps they are taking that will form the basis for big leaps in future.

Thanks and regards
Dr. Ekta Sharma

Newsletter for the Month of October 2014


October was the month of festivities which means lots of celebrations and lot of holidays for children. Dusshera was celebrated already by enacting the epic of Ramayan and children got a good rest after that in the following holidays.

Hidden talents, beautiful smiles and creativity was at its best with small little hands and sharp little minds worked on making lanterns and diyas for Diwali . Diwali Mela was the highlight and not only Indian delicacies but all games were thoroughly enjoyed by the kids. Teachers gave the concept of Diwali in the circle time and Diwali songs wee sung in the assembly. We would like to thank PTA members for the active participation in Diwali Mela.

The theme of the month was plants and children learnt about various plants, their parts and why plants are useful for us .The activity of sowing the seeds and taking care of their plants gave them hands on experience and brought them a step closer to nature. Brainstorming sessions on what give us and how do they make food kept the curiosity and tongues busy.By the end of the month children are well versed with plants.

The month ended with Halloween celebration .School was decorated as per the theme and icing on the cake was the mask & costumes of the children. Parents ‘efforts to dress up kids were at its best. Children moved with their goodie bags for trick treat and month ended with a note to look more exciting things in the coming month

Thanks and regards
Dr. Ekta Sharma


 Newsletter for the Month of September 2014


September was the month for practise, rehearsal and fun for children. The children enjoyed the celebrations, interactions and lots of stage exposure.

The theme of the month was BIRDS and INSECTS. The decor of the school and the classes was as per the theme and the big spider in its web created in the foyer did not fail to create the curiosity in the children that it was aimed for. Children learnt about the theme by learning about the birds and insects, doing show and tell activities and by waiting for them in the nature.

Teacher’s day was celebrated in the school with heartfelt wishes, handmade cards, flowers and games enjoyed by the teachers. The special day was the GRANDPARENTS Day in which the grandparents did a lot of activities in the classes and enjoyed a game of Tambola later on. But the highlight of the month was “RAMLILA”. We celebrate Dussehra by enacting the whole Ramlila and it was amazing to see how children went beyond the barrier of language. They related to their characters nicely that they even started calling each other by their drama names. Their confident personalities, excellent dialogue delivery skills and hard work didn’t go unnoticed by the parents. A heartfelt thanks to all the parents for their appreciation and support during Ramlila.

Children are excited and are looking forward for the season of festival, lots of holidays and Diwali Mela in October.

Thank you
Dr. Ekta Sharma



The month of August was full of celebrations activities and visits. The highlight of the month was a long four day break that gave a lot of relaxation to children and a chance to miss the school. The theme of the month was community workers and children enjoyed the role plays conducted in the classes depicting the roles of people who help us.
Children were looking amazing in the traditional dresses and loved making and tying Rakhis on each others’ hands .Dual celebration of Janmashtami and Independence Day was like a double bonanza. The songs of patriotism echoed the school campus in the morning and the children were shown various national symbols and their significance. The song “Saaare Jahan Se Achha” reminded everybody of our proud culture.
In the afternoon, lot of kanhas and gopi’s danced to the tunes of ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’ and our little Nand Gopal did the “Matki phod “ ceremony and enjoyed candies and delicious meal.
In sync with the theme children visited fire station and post office and gained knowledge regarding both the professions.
Highlight of the month was the visit to the Rastrapathi Bhawan where four of our children tied Rakhi on the hands of our honorable President and took his blessings.
The month ended with PTM in which parents were given tips on Parenting in the workshop by the Principal and were updated with the progress of their child by respective teachers.

Thank you
Dr. Ekta Sharma


Newsletter for the Month of July 2014

The month of July started with a bang. The school reopened on 1st of July after the renovation and parents and children really appreciated the efforts. The freshly painted classes, installation of air purifiers, inclusion of latest educational toys, did not go unnoticed by all.

To make parents familiar with the processes of the school and to give them tips on the child learning, an orientation program was organized for the parents. Parents came out with their queries and suggestions were given on how to handle separation anxiety.

Children took time to settle after the long summer break and in a mood to dress up for the day. The dress up day saw beautiful fairies, butterflies, different comic characters from the TV, and imagination and creativity filled the school. Children lived their dreams in their costumes and enjoyed the day to the fullest.

The topic of the month was fruits and vegetables. In sync with the topic, the gardening activities, curriculum and visits were planned. To have a knowledge grasp of all fruits and vegetables, children visited mother dairy and learnt how to buy vegetables. They got so inspired that they set up their own fruit & Vegetable shop for a day and were the best sellers to the parents.

Saying goodbye to the simmering heat and welcoming the skies full of clouds, the best was made out of rainy season. Children enjoyed the rain dance in their beautiful costumes. Seeing them splashing water and enjoying the water drops from the sprinklers was an amazing sight.

Thank you
Dr. Ekta Sharma



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