Our Activities

We accord great importance to children being one with nature and hence offer a lot of opportunities to explore things around them. We believe a broad based, informal and joyous curriculum that involves activities with hands on experience, exploration, team work and lots of music, dance and role play.

The activities are in sync with the topic of the month and are planned keeping in mind all aspects of development. Lot of stress is given to inculcating good habits, life skills and promoting child’s learning in a happy atmosphere. Activities involving all five senses largely though the Montessori methodology while giving a concept are followed. Focus is on developing skills of observation, analysing and understanding using different approaches for the same concept.

Few of our activities in regular curriculum are:


» Project based activities

» Show and tells

» Dramatisation and Role plays

» I speak(Stage Practice)

» Story telling

» Edu. Drama

» Clay Modelling

» Pottery


» Art and Craft

» Gardening

» Music etc.



» Dance

» Science experiences

» Mental maths etc.



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