Our Methodology

Our Methodology

Montessori is an educational pedagogy that focuses on the individual child and his needs. The Montessori Method of imparting knowledge to children is to make them self reliant and independent in taking care of not just themselves but their environment as well.


The material is Didactic in nature and therefore gives an opportunity to the child to correct his own mistakes. This helps in reducing the role of the teacher as a facilitator who guides the children in their path to self exploration giving them freedom of exploration and finding newer experiences of learning.

Practical Life

In this aspect of Montessori the child finds materials and Exercises of his everyday life from rolling a mat or learning how to close buttons. These activities help the child to properly take care of himself so that he may feel he is independent and does not have to rely on an adult for the fulfilment of his basic needs.


The apparatus in this sphere of learning allows the child to refine each of his senses making him/ her more observant and note the finer differences in his surroundings and objects that  make up for that environment .


The language program is an integrated approach that combines phonetics & whole language. The introduction, first to letters followed by sounds helps the child to encode and decode words after he has learnt a few sounds and can put them together.


The child first learns to count from 1-10 through the understanding of the concept that those numbers represent a specific amount.  Through each material, the child will learn addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and truly understand what each one means in their deeper sense. Through this method of teaching, Montessori offers the child a strong and solid foundation in the understanding of mathematics.


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