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Play School in Vasant Vihar

Two decades ago, people gave play school a pass and opted for elementary education directly. That was when children joined school at age 4. But things have changed. With the advent of globalisation, the world has become a shared village. Services, professionals and businesses are competing more than ever before for space in the market. Now, in an endeavour to prepare their children for the adult world, parents start them off young on the road to education. The average age people enrol their children in schools nowadays is 2.5 years. These young pupils start with play school. A good play school in Vasant Vihar is Little Pearls. The school imbibes the project based learning format so lauded by educationists worldwide and has a sound student-teacher ratio to enable optimum performance.

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Most Popular Play School

Little pearls  is one of the best and most popular play schools , located in the heart of vasantvihar.   It has been continuously gained repute in the field of pre primaryeducation .  It has been growing phenomenally since 1994.It was established with the objective of making learing a funfilledexperience.It  feels  immense pleasure in sharing that Little pearls stood 3rd in pre school ranking done by education world. Continue reading “Most Popular Play School” »

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