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How can a Playschool be instrumental in shaping our children?

Playschools are the professional places that understand the art of engaging toddlers in fun-filled activities in a bid to make them develop a leaning towards learning. The methods play-schools implement are Play-Way, Montessori, Reggio-Emilia, Waldorf and others as it carries a huge impact and shape the young minds. Playschools are widely popular across the world as they introduce children to an environment of schooling before they set out in the formal stream of education. Undoubtedly with a solid foundation in place, a promising future beckons the children!    

 Some of the benefits that playschools bring to our children are:

  • Overall development of children that include social, emotional and cognitive development.
  • Playschools help students and parents to function and evolve as a family as playschool work hand in hand with parents for the benefit of the children.
  • Children learn life skills and engage in age appropriate, fun-filled activities and learn through play.
  • Playschools bring a sense of discipline as children learn to adhere to a set of rules and instructions
  • When children eat together they learn sharing and being empathetic towards food habits of different nationalities.
  • ¬†Playschools form a smooth transition between the home and the formal school.

In short, playschools constitute an essential part of the lives of the children and the experience gained here plays a major role in the rest of life. Children get to communicate with others, play games together, socialize with other children, learn and respond in a group, help and motivate others, seek help and motivation from others, get familiar with the outside world,  learn to share, to contribute etc 

Going by the findings, it is indicated that those who attend a preschool are better equipped with skills related to pre-reading, vocabulary and basic maths than those who fail to attend such institutions.

Little Pearls, Being the Best Pre School in South Delhi, Setting An Early Learning Benchmark

For pre-schoolers, i.e. those in the age-group of 1-6 years, Little Pearls provides a wholesome approach to learning. Besides, ours is also a daycare facility renowned globally as most of our children come from different countries. The day care is open for those upto 10 years of age.

 Peek A Boo is our activity club where we encourage their creative side to be stimulated and a sprawling space of international standards is set up for such a purpose. Those upto 7 years of age enjoy the facility, which is full of music, art, stories, science, role plays etc and such activities are strategically designed to encourage creative development of children.

To sum it up, Little Pearls offers the best of early childhood education using an eclectic mix of methodologies. We cater to a wide spectrum of society and are eagerly waiting to welcome the children back to school.

 We are going to reopen Little Pearls playschool and daycare from November 15th onwards with all of our staff and nannies returning back to work. Please contact us for details and to register your ward. 

For more info and details, please get in touch with us:

Phone: +91-9654999700

Website: www.littlepearlsplayschool.com

Email: info@littlepearlsplayschool.com

  • School Will Reopen for Offline Classes from December 01, 2021