> Covid Guidelines

Little Pearl Playschool’s number one priority is and has always been to uphold our commitment to maintain a safe and healthy school environment for our children. That’s why we have been working hard to implement additional policies and procedures to help keep our school as clean and germ free as possible during covid times.

Some of the steps taken by us :

Created more classrooms to ensure 8-10 students per classroom with safe distance between two students.

Intense deep cleaning of all toys and equipments. Removal of unwanted stuff to generate more open spaces.

Covid fumigation before school reopening.

When the school reopens,the following enhanced protocols will be implemented-:

  • Daily temperature check and hand sanitization will bedone on arrival.

  • School staff will wear face masks at all times.

  • Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

  • Visitors will not be permitted during school hours.

  • Drop-offs/Pick-ups will be restricted to the foyer gate or main gate of the school.

  • Number of children in each class will be restricted.

  • Outdoor playareas will be limited to one group at a time.

  • Frequent cleaning & disinfecting of high- touched surfaces and toys.


Arogya-Setu App to be shown at the entrance.

What if a covid case reported in school ?

Incase a covid case is reported, the school will be closed for3-15days or as per government guidelines. Home isolation would be advised for those who came in direct contact with the infected person.