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Early childhood is a stage that prepares a comprehensive framework for learning, development and care of children.

This is the age that offers opportunities to experiment with ideas and have new experiences every day. We offer an unmatched infrastructure and facilities that ensure that all the children have the opportunity to reach their full potential and experience the best possible start to their education.

For an action based learning a broad and purposeful curriculum is designed and an optimum teacher-student ratio ensures effective implementation of this curriculum resulting in confident,creative and eager learners. The curriculum is designed keeping in mind different aspects of child development.

  • Personal
  • Communication
  • Knowledge
  • Physical
  • Creative
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The first step of the child takes place in family and then school. In the initial years, the child looks at himself through the eyes of the others and develops a positive attitude. He develops a sense of well being if given a supporting and nurturing environment around him.

So, ample opportunities are planned as per the needs of the child.

  • » To learn to express their needs and feelings in an appropriate way.
  • » To learn to share and care for others’ needs and feelings.
  • » To respect the environment and develop a positive attitude
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This area includes speaking and listening skills. It includes:

  • » Developing a taste for stories, rhymes, songs and books.
  • » Inculcating listening skills and responding appropriately.
  • » Pre reading and pre writing skills.
  • » Trying to express oneself through language, drawings or situational roles.
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Everday offers a new learning experience. Through exploring and questioning, children acquire skills, understanding and confidence to make sense of the the world around them. A number of activities are offered for them to explore and investigate using all of their senses. A lot of discussion helps them express, predict and recognize changes in their environment. The objectives of these activities are :

  • » Children became aware of their environment and investigate things around them.
  • » Undertake science experiments involving all senses.
  • » Becoming familiar with computers and every day technology develop observational skills in them.
  • » Children become expressive confident learners and satisfy their urges by actually doing things.
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Childhood is associated with lot of energy and running around. This is the time when children are growing physically and they need lot of activities for the optimum gowth and development. Activities like outdoor play, taekwondo, yoga, freeplay are planned keeping this need in mind. It includes:

  • » Using small tools and instruments for fine and gross motor development.
  • » Responding to sound with body movement.
  • » Free outdoor play and indoor activities for control and coordination.
  • » Gaining control and capability of handling things around them.

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Creativity is a child’s right and no stone is unturned in encouraging the child’s creative expression with stimulating experiences like dance , songs, role play, art & craft, music and imaginative play.

  • » Exploring various colors and textures.
  • » Listening to and telling creative stories and rhymes.
  • » Depicting role play and playing cooperatively in varied scenarios.
  • » Experimenting with different musical instruments and creating movements in response to music.
  • » Using imagination and communicating ideas.