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Dear Parents,

The theme for the August month was Farm and Wild Animals. The children were taught the difference between wild and farm animals and also the importance of animals to us and the environment.

Children engaged in a series of activities, games, songs, and rhymes centred on animals.

Singing and dancing animal songs and becoming a part of the jungle or farm was a fun way to help children remember the animal names, their features and sounds they make.

Hands on activities about animals got our little geniuses’ minds racing. Feeding the animals, setting up a zoo, creating a farm, making butter; playing game -Can you trick the Alligator?, sorting of animals based on skin (colour and pattern), identifying and naming of different members of the cat family, identifying the animals according to their sound, petting store bought animals and endless other activities were fun to do.

This month also saw a lot of celebrations.
Independence day celebration was organized with great zeal and enthusiasm. A special assembly was held where the children sang the national anthem and danced to the tunes of patriotic songs. The highlight of the event was the Tricolour Cake cut by our helpers. After the special assembly children went to their classes and were engaged by the teachers in a flag-making activity. The teachers also discussed the importance of tricolour and how it should be respected. The children were very happy and excited to take the flags home.

We also had Rakshabandan celebration on the same day. Children made ecofriendly rakhi’s with their tiny hands, which teachers tied on their hands and gave them a precious little sweet which made the environment full of love and joy.

Last though not the least we ended the month with Janamashtmi celebrations where the story of Krishna was enacted by the teachers. Children made butter, flutes and matkis, danced to the tunes of janmastami songs and pretended to break a matki as a symbol of the festival.

The month ended with Farm and Wild animals’ day which was a dress up and show & Tell day for children. Some came dressed up, some bought their animal toys, some printouts but everyone showed an animal and spoke about it. We appreciate the efforts each one of you took to make show and tell successful.

It was a busy and enjoyable month.
We are looking forward to the next month where we would be talking about plants, fruits and vegetables.
Parent Counselling Session by Dr Satinder Walia will be on Saturday, 10 th September 2022. Please ‘save the date’!
Looking forward to another month of extended learning and excitement.

Little Pearls

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