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Importance of Play in a Playschool

All families looking for the best playschools for kids in Delhi seek an institute that focuses on the holistic development of their child. At Little Pearls, we welcome all children and embrace them as they are. We take every effort to ensure that children are full of smiles and learn in a stress-free and playful way. Our vision is not just to teach a child but to motivate and support the child when the child is ready to learn.

Most of the top playschools in Delhi strengthen their academic focus, however, play is equally vital in the development of the child.

Children are spirited and playful by nature. Kids have endless energy, and it is important that it is channelized positively for their personality development. What kids learn in their early years leads to the development of their cognitive skills and creative expression. When children play and learn, it leads to a positive approach to learning.

The play way method of learning has the following advantages for kids:

  • Physical development

Physical activities lead to the movement of various parts of the body which helps in the muscular development of the body. It improves blood circulation and helps to keep kids physically fit.

  • Social development

Play way methodology involves activities that give them an opportunity to work and bond with their teacher and other kids. This leads to the development of their social skills

  • Emotional development

Play helps to manage the moods and emotions of children in a better manner.

  • Intellectual development

Play way method of learning guarantees maximum freedom to kids which develops their creativity and imagination skills.

At Little Pearls, we ensure that fun and play are an integral part of learning. We engage kids in physical activities, creative activities, dramatization, and activities that involve imaginary settings. All classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys that kids are free to explore. Children are exposed to music, movement, yoga, and role-playing.

Little Pearls is sparing no efforts to ensure that the happiness, safety, and developmental needs of all kids are met. We continue to strive to be one of the best playschools in Delhi.

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