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Role of preschool in the development of a child

Research shows that the early years of a child sets the tone for the rest of their lives. It is a crucial
phase where millions of neural connections are formed, and the brain is developed little by little. A
child’s experiences during these early years can make a vital difference in their growth, brain
development, and personality. Preschools have a tremendous impact on the development of
children, some of which are:

Cognitive development
Cognitive development refers to the intellectual development of children. It involves thinking,
understanding, decision-making, creativity, attention, memory, and learning abilities. Play and other
activities at preschool like memory games, puzzles, building games, etc. help in their intellectual
development. Children learn to identify, categorize, and organize objects, colours, numbers, etc.
They ask questions, learn new words, become more patient, and learn new things by observing and
listening. It enhances the perception of the world around them. Also, new experiences at preschool
develop their skills to overcome challenges.

Motor development
Physical activities and outdoor games at preschool help in the development of gross motor skills.
Children become more skilled at running, jumping, balancing, and coordinating their bodies.
Activities like writing, drawing, painting, crafting, etc. help in strengthening the fine motor skills of
the children.
Be it walking up and down the stairs, throwing and catching a ball, steering objects, or dressing by
themselves, children achieve these milestones quickly and smoothly at preschool.

Speech development
Children expand their vocabulary and language skills by interacting with their teachers, and peers
and by participating in various activities like storytelling, reading session, and educational games at
preschool. They start using sentences and start understanding and answering simple questions. They
become more confident in expressing themselves clearly.

Social development
Preschool is a place where children develop self-awareness and the ability to control their emotions.
It is the perfect place for them to socialize and form new relationships or friendships. Children learn
the social skills required to coordinate and play with others. They learn to recognize emotions,
cooperate, empathize, and share. They also learn to be calm, and patient and learn conflict-resolving
skills. When a child interacts with children from various cultural and regional backgrounds, they
become more tolerant and adaptive.

Preschool is a fun and safe place where pre-schoolers can be themselves and engage in activities
that make them more self-confident, bright, active, and independent. Children learn new skills at
preschool that cannot be gained at home.

Only a quality early education can inculcate these skills in children and at Little Pearls, we provide
plenty of opportunities to all children that enhance their cognitive, social, and behavioral skills.

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