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What to do when your child throws tantrums in public?

A child is indeed a blessing in any parent’s life. However, toddler tantrums are one of the challenges that all parents face. Most parents are puzzled or embarrassed when their child throws tantrums in public. Some of these behaviors include:

(1) Crying loudly
(2) Yelling
(3) Throwing themselves on the floor
(4) Banging their head
(5) Biting
(6) Kicking
(7) Avoiding food
(8) Stamping their feet loudly
(9) Breaking things
(10) Running away

Young children are at early stages of emotional development and are still learning how to cope with their emotions. They throw tantrums to express or manage their feelings.

These can be some of the reasons why your child might be throwing tantrums:

(1) Strong emotions like fear or shame.
(2) Hunger, sleepiness, or overstimulation can confuse children & make it hard for them to express their feelings.
(3) Children also throw tantrums when they feel their parents or caregivers are not giving them enough attention.
(4) Frustration is also a major reason why your child might be throwing tantrums.

Although there are no foolproof techniques to handle tantrums. With the right knowledge, you can feel empowered to deal with all kinds of toddler tantrums.

Here are some things you need to do to prevent tantrums:

(1) Make sure your child isn’t hungry or sleepy. Feeding your child before going out in public & avoiding any conflicts during nap time are some good ways to avoid tantrums.
(2) Ensure to give clear instructions about your expectations from them.
(3) Avoid going out when your child is unwell as children tend to throw more tantrums when they are sick.
(4) Be reasonable with your children.
(5) Give your child a choice in small matters.
(6) Make sure they are informed when there are any changes in activities in which they are involved.
(7) Parents often are aware of when a child is likely to throw tantrums. Avoiding these situations is the best way to prevent tantrums.

No matter how hard you try to prevent tantrums, sometimes it’s inevitable. Here are some tips that might help you to manage the meltdown:

It is normal to feel out of control or worried when your child has an emotional meltdown. Be composed, stay calm, and show empathy. Hug your child and let them know that it is okay to feel sad or angry. This helps the children to express their feelings in a protected and supported space and helps them regain their self-control.

Distract your child with a funny face, sound or joke, or some interesting activity that can deflect them.

Take your child away from a public space to a safer space where you can soothe them and calm them down.

Whatever your child says or does while throwing tantrums is only because they are frustrated. Do not feel out of control or have a breakdown if your toddler says or does anything that hurts you.

In addition to this always carry food and water to keep the child hydrated and well-fed. Also, carrying your child’s favorite might help in keeping them engaged.

Although tantrums are a normal part of any child’s life, in some rare cases it might be due to some underlying issues. When you notice that the tantrums are intense, frequent & become unresolvable, there could be other issues causing it and you should consult a pediatrician. Some of the underlying issues that might cause severe tantrums in children include anxiety, mood disorders, autism, and ADHD.

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