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Why summer camp is important for 2-8 years old? 

Summer is here, which means it is the time for your little ones to grow and spread their wings further. 

Truth be told, vacations after a point gets monotonous and kids often confine themselves behind the screen. This precious time of theirs can instead be used for their growth, learning and exploring new skill sets. Vacation camps, as well call them, present themselves as the perfect way to do so. 

Anyone who has ever attended a summer camp can understand how important this part of their life had been. It has been a time to form meaningful friendships, learn new things, and identify their skill set. These camps provide the perfect environment for growth, and honing new skills, and allow children to take social risks! 

Summer camp 2022 acts as a crash course for kids to identify what they really enjoy and what are their hobbies. It also helps them in building social skills and helps in improving their  self-esteem. Day-Camps provide children with a ‘blank slate’ and allow them to paint it with their imagination and skillset. 

Here are a few more reasons for you to enrol your kids for summer camps – 

  • Helps kids build unique interests 

Each kid is different and their interests are built differently. Summer camp by Little Pearls allows a kid to explore their interests by providing them with plenty of options to explore from. The activities in the camp range from treasure hunts to art and craft and so much more. 

  • Camp helps with mental stimulation and physical well-being 

Camps often involve physical activities. This is such a life saviour in this scorching Delhi heat when kids can’t step out. Getting them enrolled in fun indoor activities will ensure that your child is always on the move. 

  • Confidence to be reinforced by the success

Summer camps usually have various activities that allow a child to explore and bring out their creativity. As they participate in various activities, they are also reinforcing their confidence in their skillset and themselves. The more they explore, the more they grow. 

  • Developing social skills

Summer camps often see the participation of kids from different schools and areas. This presents as a perfect opportunity for kids to interact with everyone else. It helps in improving their social skills, making new friends, and evolving with their peers.

  • Break from technology 

Okay, let’s just accept this, we are often engrossed in our phones and the technology, and so are the kids. Summer camps for kids are a perfect opportunity to give them a break from technology and allow them to learn in real-life scenarios. 

These vacation camps have everything good to offer. Little Pearls’ summer camp is designed in a way that facilitates the overall growth of a child. To ensure each child gets fair exposure the camp is divided into two categories. 

For our superheroes of the age 2-4, we provide a range of activities including, Storytelling, Fireless cooking, Art and craft, Fun games, Music, Dance, and much more. The themes we are following along are – Pirates and the ocean, Mowgli’s world, Tinkerbell and Aladin, and Splish-Splash.

For our growing superhumans of the age 5-8, the activities provided are – Around the world – Italy, Japan, Africa, What I wanna be – Chef, Scientist, Palantologist, Painter, Potter, Outer Space, Mission Impossible Go green, Storybook characters – Fairies, ghosts, mermaids, superheroes, activities – Craft, Stem, Sports, Pretend Play, also, activities – Logical reasoning and critical thinking games.

The dates for the same are from May 23 to June 17. 

Hurry up! You can’t miss this golden opportunity to invest in your kids’ future. 

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