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Little Pearl’s Summer Camp (5-8years): Where Fun Synergises with Knowledge

Summer holidays are the best time to rejuvenate, relish, and build on one’s skill set, so that the coming academic year, is better assimilated and is faced with confidence. The Summer Camp at Little Pearl’s Preschool, provides the perfect infrastructure and curriculum, for children to spend their summers, in a productive and nurturing environment, thus making learning jolly and entertaining. The camp for early – elementary students commenced from the 23rd of May, and concluded on the 17th of June, thus providing 4 weeks of joyful interaction between the students of the age group of 5-8 years.

Cognitive and Physical Development

The children of this age group have just escaped toddlerhood, hence, they uphold characteristics of being able to exert complete autonomy over their environment, and have a curious and information- hungry brain. At this stage of childhood, a student’s imagination is at its peak and they can make conscious connections of the facts provided to them. Hence, it is very important for their education to give a myriad of knowledge, and this is exactly what Little Pearls has tried to achieve. When the theme of ‘Around the World’ was circulating across school, children were provided information on the different countries across the globe. They were taught about their language, food and dressing etiquettes, geography, sports, and dance, all in the form of role play. Thus, along with learning cultural skills and knowledge, students were also sensitised towards the different countries, and an inclusive attitude was developed.

 During this age, kids are very active, and require the right platform to channelize their energy. Hence, students were made to play sports, linking it to the theme of the week, so that the gambol had an academic value. For instance, when learning about the country of Italy, children were made to play football, a sport the country excels in.

Self – Concept

Self – Concept is the innate understanding of what I stand for, and who I am. This evaluation starts for humans as they enter the early elementary phase of their lives, so it is integral that students are provided the space to explore all the possible avenues related to personal preferences. Children also start making social comparisons and thus, it is important to make them comprehensive and open-minded individuals. This prospect of the child’s development, was catered to by conducting activities under the theme, ‘Who I want to be.’ Children were introduced to people of different professions, after asking them what jobs fascinate them, in a secure environment. They were also provided hands– on experience of the different careers, by making them do pottery, cooking, fossil finding, painting and some science experiments. This started the process of getting students to think about what intrigues and fascinates them, which will help in developing a clearer self – concept.

Developing Self Confidence

At the age between 5-8 years, children actively look for the approval of their elders, and a supportive environment must be provided to them, so that they can develop positive self – confidence. This aspect of the personality was fostered to by making children learn the art of public speaking, under the themes, ‘Environment, and Space.’ Group activities conducted under every theme, also inculcated necessary life skills, like corporation, team work, sharing, and leadership, which will help to metaphor students into wordily individuals.

In conclusion, the Little Pearl’s Summer Camp is the destination where enjoyment synergises with learning, providing students a taste of holistic grooming, through a plethora of activities, while not forgetting the fun, which is what summer vacations are known for!

  • Join us at the Little Pearls Summer Camp starting from 27th May to 14th June 2024