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Child Tantrums – Little Pearls

Is your child between the age group of 2-6, and throws frequent tantrums, which include foot stomping, fist throwing and sobbing? And as a parent are you worried about your child and their behaviour? Do not worry! Tantrum throwing is quite common between children of that age group. But, navigating though the tumultuous waters of tantrums can be difficult for parents, and therefore like the preparation of any other event it is always better to be prepared and understand the psyche of your child.

Younger children, mostly of the ages between 2-4 throw tantrums because of their incapability to convey their concerns through proper communication. If the source of their displeasure is not tracked down in time, then it often leads them to feel helpless and dissatisfied, which prompts them to throw tantrums, thus symbolising that they are irritable and upset.

Thus, in order to help children feel comfortable, parents can set a time – table, so that the basic necessities of kids are met in a rehearsed and effectual model. For example, what time does the child have to eat breakfast, or take a bath or go out to the park to play. When children are happy and satisfied, it allows them divert their energy towards gaining new and important life capabilities, for instance they contently indulge in activities like colouring, dancing, or block building, which assists in developing their fine motor and mental skills.

Older children between the years of 4-6, are also seen to throw tantrums, but by that age, children are able to efficiently communicate their needs and desires, therefore most of the time they throw fits because they yearn to have or do something, like go to the park and play, buy a new toy, or eat their favourite ice cream!

Though as parents the desire to give your children all that they desire may spark a few emotions in your heart, and the agreement to entertain your child’s plea may manifest from those circumstances, but it is better if children are taught to be understanding, patiently wait for the arrival of things or actions they want to take.

If as a parent you are able to establish a reward system, in which children are allowed to have what they want if they complete a task allotted to them or do a good deed. For example, a kid finished all their weekly chores then they can go to their favourite ice cream parlour on the weekends. This exercise helps children to establish a sense of accomplishment, motivation, which results in child’s healthy development.

If exercises to curb tantrums are implemented, then the acts or wailing, foot stomping and stubbornness are going to be long forgotten from a kids memory, and they will end up blooming into happy, hearty, inquisitive little humans, ready to take on the world !

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