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Little Pearls is one of the best daycare centre in south delhi

One of the best daycare centre also known as a child care centre, Little Pearls caters to children
from various nationalities and is located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible to
children from different areas in south Delhi.
The daycare centre within the playschool campus makes it very convenient for the working parents
to leave the little ones to school in the morning and pick them up after work without worrying about
transportation, safety and security. After school daycare is also available for children who are
studying informal schools in the vicinity. Transport service is provided for the same, one of the many
daycare benefits, as parents are assured that their children are in safe hands and will be well looked
State of the art infrastructure of international standards, child-friendly furniture, swings and slides
ensure that each and every area used by the children is safe and secure. The daycare centre has well-demarcated sleeping, eating and play areas. The children are grouped according to their ages,
further promoting their development and ability to handle social interactions. The daycare has a
baby room, toddler room and an area for school-going children. Age-appropriate beds are provided
in each area for the comfort of the children. Well trained and experienced teachers and support staff
to handle the children with love and affection.

The daycare charges can also be customised according to the age and needs of the children. The
daycare centre enrols children from six months to ten years of age. Children mingle with their peers
and happily eat, sleep and play in their respective areas. This ensures that children interact with
similar aged children and learn social skills and life skills at the same time. This also ensures that very
young children are kept safe and secure. The older children, above three years of age, have a special,
daily activity hour with different activities like music, dance, stage practice, show and tell sessions,
yoga, taekwondo and many more. This channelizes their boundless energy and children are exposed
to various sports and art& crafts to develop physically and emotionally. This also gives them an
opportunity to develop their interests and they eagerly look forward to these daycare activities.
Regular parent-teacher meetings, counselling sessions and parenting workshops are conducted to
address any concerns of parents. The parents are communicated with on a daily basis through the
daycare diary where each detail of the child’s daily activity is noted down to keep the parents
updated about the events of the day. A familial bond is developed over time and highlights the true
definition of a daycare. This is indeed the ideal home away from home for the children.a

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