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The importance of Music and Movement in Preschool

It has been discovered that different aspects of music activate different parts of the brain. In fact, at the best pre school in Gurgaon at Little Pearls , it is half of the brain processes the words of the song while the other half bnvprocesses the music. Listening to music and playing music games, therefore, helps children to use the various parts of their brains simultaneously. Music also stimulates a child’s frontal lobes, which are important to both language and motor development.

Music is used as a memory aid for many older students because it takes several discrete pieces of information and combines them into one larger piece of information – a song. Processing that one piece of information is much easier than processing a long list. Therefore, music is an important aspect of learning. Music and movement classes at Little Pearls kindergarten develop the innate understanding of music in children, which enables them to tap into this aspect of music later on in life.
Just like music, movement and rhythm exercises stimulate the brain which reinforces language concepts. The frontal lobes of the brain go through to main growth spurts – one between the ages of two and six, and one at about age twenty-two. Therefore, music and movement classes are most beneficial during the toddler and preschool at the best preschool in Gurgaon. Incorporating the two skills can prepare children’s minds for learning throughout their school years.

As a topplayschool in Gurgaon, Little Pearls focuses on the overall development of the child, preparing the child for formal school and bridging the gap between home and formal schooling.

The topplayschool in Gurgaon, with its bright and colourful interiors is very attractive to children and parents alike. The infrastructure enables children to feel a sense of ownership of the school by comfortably going from one zone to another for various activities.

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