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Mother Toddler at Little Pearls playschool Gurgaon

At Little Pearls , the best pre school and day care and Early Learning Centre at Gurgaon, Mother and toddler progams are a regular feature. The program is intended for the age group of 10 months to 2 years. Therefore the activities are designed based on the age of the kids. The instructor in such programs usually plays a role of just guiding the parents while parents play an important role of guiding the child & in turn inspiring them to do the activities & gain confidence.

Various games like arranging blocks, jigsaw puzzles, stacking rings, sorting shapes, clay modeling are selected. These types of games help to develop the motor and coordination skills of the kids. At the best play school in Gurgaon , Mothers can observe and play these games with the children. They understand the perception and interest of the child and can also channelize it accordingly. Singing, dancing, recitation and drama helps children to express themselves and also to interact with other children. It brings up the confidence level of the child. In case of drawing and painting, children are allowed to paint and draw their imagination and fantasies. This gives them the freedom of expression. The curriculum also encourages mothers to actually participate in several games. This increases the bonding and mothers can carry this further at home too.

The many benefits and importance of Mother Toddler progams carried out in the best play school in Gurgaon are ,
Parents get the opportunity to bond with their child in a conducive environment. Even if parents do spend quality time with their child at home, the affect an external environment would have, not necessarily only structured programs, but also outings etc are very different from the known settings at home where there are high chances of focused being shifted from the child to other things.

Parents get a chance to be part of initial learning journey of their child. Going forward it gives an assurance to child that parents are invested in their growth, development & learning.

These programs gives kids an opportunity to explore all different variety of specially designed learning / educational toys & play material which otherwise they might not get chance to access all at one place.

Parents get to meet a lot of like minded parents going through the same phase in life as themselves. This gives them a chance to discuss out issues with experts & other parents to get solutions of child related issues if any.

It encourages kids to involve in collaborative play, develop a value of sharing & caring and also imbibes the importance of schedules & discipline in kids.

These programs help in emotional, physical, intellectual, social & creative development of the baby. In simpler terms, it helps kids to be more independent, develop imaginative thinking, develop motor & hand-eye co-ordination skills etc.

Lastly, and most importantly, Mother Toddler programsat the best pre school in Gurgaon ensure a smooth transitioning to Pre-schools, thus taking a lot of emotional stress away from both the children & parents.

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