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One Of The Oldest Playschool And Daycare In South Delhi.

Celebrating its silver jubilee this year, as it was established in the year 1994, Little Pearls is one of the
oldest playschool and daycare in South Delhi.
With an infrastructure of international standards that is built and based on and for the children’s all
round development, it is apt for preschoolers and toddlers. All classrooms and play areas are
equipped with child friendly toys, furniture and equipment to ensure all developmental milestones
are catered to and children have fun while learning. A well trained and experienced team of teachers
and support staff take care of children. Great care is taken to regularly update the school and
teachers to new and innovative methods of teaching.
The methodologies followed include Montessori, Playway and Reggio Emilia methods of learning. A
blend of methods enables the children to internalise concepts clearly. It also ensures that no
developmental milestone is left unturned.
Children are exposed to various fun and interesting activities like taekwondo, jump bunch, yoga
classes, pottery, creative art, music, gardening and stage practice which are a part of the weekly
schedule. Children look forward to these activities with enthusiasm and therefore learn various life
skills indirectly while enjoying themselves. Different areas and rooms for different activities ensure
that children’s interest is kept alive. This helps children explore every area of the school and get a
sense of belonging. Children feel confident and move happily from one room to the other for
different activities.
Home style, nutritious, well balanced and healthy meals for children are provided at this playschool
and daycare in South Delhi. A right blend of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins are included in
the diet using seasonal fruits and vegetables. Children look forward to meal times as eating with
their peers at the same time learning healthy eating habits and table manners. The food is freshly
cooked everyday in an in house kitchen ensuring highest standards of hygiene.
A professional nurse to handle emergencies and minor ailments of children is employed. Parents are
informed immediately when medical help is required. The playschool and daycare in South Delhi
has a tie-up with the nearest hospital for any major accidents or mishaps.
Children from over twenty different countries are a part of this school and daycare. Each and every
festival is celebrated with zest involving, all the children in the celebrations. Children love
participating in these events. They learn about different cultures and traditions and that makes them
aware and they learn to respect other cultures.
Every month, a different theme is introduced and based on the theme, the workplan is designed
individually for each class. Age appropriate activities are planned so that the children intrinsically
understand the theme. Focus is laid on hands on experiences rather than rote learning. Activities
keep the children’s interests alive and help them to focus at one aspect at a time.
Children’s comfort and hygiene are given prime importance. Seasonal requirements are taken care
of. Air purifiers in each room ensure that children are breathing clean and fresh air. Hygiene is given

utmost importance and the classrooms, toys, equipments are sanitized regularly, thus maintaining
the highest standards of hygiene. The playschool and daycare in South Delhi is rated number one
on the parameters of safety and hygiene and has been awarded many times for the same.

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