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Play School in South Delhi

Little Peals Play School

A playschool with a legacy, being over twenty-five years old, loving and caring for young children as well as being located in the heart of the city are some of the advantages that Little Pearls have. Parents in south Delhi need not look any further when looking for a playschool around them. The best facilities including a playground, spacious classrooms as well as an infrastructure of international standards are provided for the little ones.

For a smooth transition between the four walls of the house to an environment full of sensory motivation, parents accompany their child for the first few days to help them overcome any separation anxiety.

Playschool’s teachers are experienced and trained to handle children between the ages of two to six years. Although there is no defined playschool age, parents feel comfortable leaving their child in the capable hands of loving and caring teachers as well as the support staff.

The teachers are trained regularly to observe the children, listen to their questions and their stories and then provide them with the opportunities to explore these interests further. Children are encouraged to focus on learning life-skills rather than mere rote learning. Children are exposed to hands-on experiences and are encouraged to help themselves. They are driven by their interests to understand and know more. They have an innate desire to explore and learn.

The classrooms are equipped with age-appropriate playschool toys and children are encouraged to explore different materials and develop their own understanding. A child is often the happiest when he is involved with the play that can happen in different forms. Children are exposed to music& movement, dance, yoga, dramatization and role play ensuring no developmental milestone is left unturned. Children thoroughly enjoy their different activities and various playschool classes that are offered.

Playschool education involves understanding that little children are full of energy and that their energies must be channelized positively to ensure the children benefit from the playschool environment.

  • Join us at the Little Pearls Summer Camp starting from 27th May to 14th June 2024