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Looking For Best preschool and Daycare in Chanakyapuri?

A warm, loving atmosphere is often the first thing that one notices on walking into this playschool in south Delhi. Smiling faces greet the children at the door while welcoming them to school every day. Children walk into school smiling and parents are amazed to see how easily they adapt and settle into their routine after joining the school. This smooth transition is due to the efforts of parents and teachers as a combination as we believe in working hand in hand with the parents and their child’s needs and habits. Every aspect of child development is looked into and a bond based on trust is formed between the school and parents.

The playschool’s classrooms are designed so that they are attractive and interesting for the children. They provide familiarity as well as appeal to the children’s curious and inquisitive nature. A library corner, work station as well as a play area with puzzles and toys are an integral part of the spacious classrooms. The books and toys are age-appropriate and offer indirect learning for the children. The children are encouraged to develop a habit of reading and a few minutes are dedicated to silently reading books every day. The toys and puzzles are placed such that the children can easily pick the one of their liking giving them freedom of choice. After playing the toys and books are placed back by the children, indirectly giving them the life skill of keeping things in their appropriate place.

Each classroom is equipped with air conditioners, heaters and air purifiers for the comfort of the children. The classrooms are well lit as well as get plenty of sunshine! The classroom windows are decorated according to the monthly theme and enhance visual perception. The children thus learn indirectly. Sensorial learning is given prime importance as children learn best through their five senses and have fun while learning.

A schoolbag is provided by the playschool itself and the children proudly carry the same to school every day. They hang their bag, take out their diaries and water bottles and keep them at the desired place. This life skill of placing things at their proper place goes a long way in life as they develop a sense of order in their minds.

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