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We Believe in a Curriculum with age appropriate, Hands on Activities and Exposure to a variety of Topics

With an infrastructure of International standards, with lot of open spaces and greenery, this
activity centre for kids in south delhi boasts of an experience of 25 years!!Well qualified and
trained teachers and support staff are employed who lovingly take care of the children as well as
teach them through methods like Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Playway. A blend of methods
and activities ensures that no development milestone is left unturned. We follow the Early Years
Learning Framework(EYLF) format as the curriculum.
At this activity centre, we believe in a curriculum with age appropriate, hands on activities and
exposure to a variety of topics for the children. Each topic has various activities and sensorial,
visual and other impressions make sure that the children understand the concept thoroughly.
Various worksheets, stage shows, show and tell sessions, rhymes etc are used as tools to explain
the concepts to the children. This facilitates the holistic development of children.
Yoga sessions, sports classes, puppet shows, outdoor play sessions etc are conducted for all age
groups which are very important for a child’s overall development and makes this a popular
activity centre for kids in south delhi. Each festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm thus
indirectly explaining about different cultures and traditions and rituals followed all over the
world. The activity centre has children of over twenty different nationalities, Diversity week held
at this activity centre showcases cultures and traditions of all over the world, it is an enriching
experience for the children.
The activity centre provides children with a nutritious and healthy diet. It boasts of an excellent
in- house kitchen with experienced cooks. Healthy and nutritious breakfast is provided for all the
children in school and lunch is provided for children using the daycare facility along with milk
and fruits in the evening. The meal menu is shared with the parents monthly to ensure that no
child is given food they might be allergic to and also ensures that the school and parents work
hand in hand. Eating with peers is fun for the children and children look forward to meal times!!
Top most priority is given to safety and security of the children. For the same reason, all areas of
the school are under cctv surveillance and the footage is constantly monitored. The children are
handed over to the parents and guardians only on showing the duly stamped gate passes. All
vans are fitted with gps tracking systems and the drivers are not outsourced thus ensuring the
safety and security of the children. A nanny is present in each van during pick up and drop and
each child is allotted a seat thus ensuring that the vans are not overcrowded and the children
are comfortable.
Hygiene is given utmost importance at this activity centre in south Delhi. The centre has child-
friendly washrooms with child sized pots and basins. A nanny is present at all times to take care
of the children’s needs. Children are encouraged to wash and dry their hands themselves,
making them responsible and aware of the need for cleanliness and hygiene. Highest standards
of hygiene are maintained at all times.
A number of events and celebrations at the school ensure that each and every child participates
in them, giving each child ample exposure on the stage thus making them confident individuals.
Children are also taken for field trips regularly, after getting consent from the parents. The
centre focuses on the overall development of the child, preparing the child for formal school and
bridging the gap between home and formal schooling for preschoolers and giving hands on
experiences for school going children through various activities.
With the concept of joint families disappearing, giving way to nuclear families, children are
mostly exposed to adults and thus they are not familiar with how to interact and behave with
their peers. Learning and playing with their peers at an activity centre helps them to learn
concepts of sharing and caring, each of these being very important aspects of a child’s life.

Children learn from each other simply by being in each others company. It is a joy to see how the
children play and interact with each other under the supervision of experienced teachers!!

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