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The main focus being on the holistic development of children

Parents looking for a preschool in and around Munirka find the perfect school at Little Pearls!! A loving, warm, comfortable and vibrant environment ensures the children are looked after and cared for by a team of expert and well trained and experienced teachers and nannies. With over twenty-five years of experience, the school is the best preschool in Vasant vihar, with the main focus being on the holistic development of children.

A different theme is taken up each month and all activities, worksheets, stories, puppet shows, etc are planned according to the theme, this ensures that the children have hands-on experiences and intrinsically understand the concept instead of mere rote learning. All activities are designed and based on a well-planned curriculum. Different methodologies are followed and implemented ensuring that the best is brought out in each child. Children have fun while learning and thus look forward to coming to school and being with their peers.

The preschool ensures a smooth transition between the home and formal school thus playing a key role in the child’s growing up years. Parents and children are comfortable in the loving atmosphere in the school and are thus assured that their child is in the best hands!! An open-door policy is followed and parents are welcome to observe their children during their day at school. Parents and grandparents are encouraged to actively participate in various activities of the school. A parent-teacher body is formed each year to address concerns of parents and solve them.

Hygiene and safety are paramount at this preschool and the preschool has been awarded many times for the same making this the best preschool in Vasant vihar!! All areas of the preschool are cleaned regularly to eliminate any chances of contamination and breeding of germs. Regular pest control and cleaning practices are followed thus ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. All classrooms and common areas are equipped with air conditioners and air purifiers for the comfort of the children. The air quality reading is taken on a daily basis and is updated on the school website every day as well. The safety of children has been kept in mind in terms of infrastructure, classroom design, and furniture. The swings, the green areas, and activity zones are designed to be age-appropriate.
For their security, children are only handed over to authorized persons carrying a valid and duly stamped identity card issued by the school. Children are not left unattended at any time, the buddy system is practiced and the staff is verified by the police and is regularly trained for the hygiene, safety, and security of the children. Regular workshops are conducted for the same. Various disaster management drills are also practiced regularly for the staff and the children.

As children of over twenty different nationalities study at this best preschool in Vasant Kunj, festivals of the world are celebrated with equal enthusiasm for the children. Children thus learn to accept and respect different cultures and traditions. This also helps in the all-round development of children and makes them more adaptable and accepting in nature.

Nutritious and well-balanced meal is provided to the children attending the preschool. Breakfast, lunch, and fruits are provided to the children at this preschool and daycare. The meal menu is shared with the parents on a monthly basis to address any concerns, allergies, etc. The parents also feel comfortable in knowing what their child is eating in school. The food is cooked in an in-house kitchen by experienced cooks. The children eat a variety of food and thoroughly enjoy mealtimes with their peers. Table manners, respect for food, being thankful to God are some of the values that children learn.

A qualified and experienced nurse is employed to handle any minor medical emergencies. The preschool also has a tie-up with the nearest hospital for medical emergencies. Parents are informed and their consent is taken for the same in case a need arises.

The preschool provides pick up and drop facilities for children living in nearby areas. The vans are driven by experienced and police verified drivers, the children are always accompanied by a nanny and are never left unattended. Any change regarding transport is immediately informed to the parents thus ensuring the safety and security of the children using the transport facility.
With an infrastructure of International standards, neat, well-maintained classrooms, activity areas, safe and hygienic environment, well qualified and experienced staff and a loving, warm atmosphere, this is undoubtedly the best preschool near Shanti Niketan and Anand Niketan!!

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