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Young Children Are Like Sponges, They Absorb Everything From Their Environment!

When the corridors of a school echo with children’s banter and laughter, one knows that
the children are happy. This establishes the fact that the early learning centre they are in
is fulfilling their inner needs and that the children are happy and content.
Young children are like sponges, they absorb everything from their environment! For the
same reason the environments they are exposed to must be positive and happy. The
early learning centre for kids in south delhi focuses on the same and provides children
with the same along with ample opportunities to explore the world around them
through work and play. Work for children simply means the ability to do certain tasks to
fulfil their inner needs and to reach their full potential.
A variety of activities like stage shows, story telling, dramatization, singing, dancing, art
and craft, play gyms and play zones, pretend play corners ,just to name a few are a part
of the daily routine at this early learning centre. One can just imagine the visual and
sensory stimulation these activities offer to the children.
Being on different levels, helps the children to explore the whole centre while moving
from one area to another with ease and comfort. Each area is under cctv surveillance
and is monitored at three different levels ensuring the safety and security of the children
attending this early learning centre. Parents are thus assured that their children are well
looked after and are constantly being monitored.
The early learning centre has been awarded many times for its highest standards of
safety and hygiene. All areas are kept clean at all times and stringent safety and hygiene
standards are followed. Regular workshops with regard to safety and hygiene are also
held for the teachers, admin staff and the helpers.
Children attending this early learning centre in south delhi are provided with home style
nutritious food for their growing needs. We understand the importance of food and
nutrition in a growing child’s life and cater to the same. It is endearing and
heartwarming to see children eat with their peers, at the same time learning the
importance of food and being grateful for the same. . The meal menu is shared with the
parents on a monthly basis to address any concerns, allergies etc. The parents also feel
comfortable in knowing what their child is eating in school.
The day is structured to look after the needs of the children keeping in mind their need
to rest and play. After a fun filled and energetic morning the children are made to rest in
the afternoon after lunch. After their nap, a structured activity class is held, with a
different activity everyday. The children feel refreshed after their nap and thoroughly
enjoy these activities with their friends. Milk and fruit is provided after the activity and
the children learn the importance of these.
The children look forward to coming to the early learning centre in south delhi and that
speaks for itself! Parents often say that the children want to come to the early learning
centre on sundays as well and that is a testament in itself!

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