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Why is Preschool important for my child ?

Every day begins with the morning assembly where all the children and staff gather together to pray and start the day on a positive and happy note. A number of songs, nursery rhymes that are changed from time to time to keep up the excitement for children are a part of the morning assembly and it is wonderful to see the children jumping in excitement and performing actions to the songs as well as eagerly learn new playschool songs. This indirectly helps in increasing their vocabulary, an important milestone for young children.

The playschool admission starts from fourteen months onwards and in daycare from six months onwards. The children are cared for lovingly by a team of well-trained staff, each area is supervised by an in-charge thus ensuring maximum productivity and efficient management. Working parents leave their children and can go to work assured that their children will be well taken care of in a safe, comfortable environment.

The playschool and daycare are recognized and awarded for their hygiene and safety. Regular training for teachers and nannies ensures that the latest and best methods of childcare are taught and implemented. Several workshops are held throughout the year for teachers and helpers at regular intervals to ensure they are updated about childcare needs and demands.

With an infrastructure of international standards, spacious classrooms, well equipped Montessori lab, art, and craft class, pottery class pretend play areas, swings and play zones, there is no dearth of fun and age-appropriate activities for the little ones enrolled at this playschool and daycare. They move from one class to another eagerly as they are familiar with all areas of the school. This gives them a sense of ownership and they feel at home, an important feature for the little ones who spend their day at the playschool and daycare.

Food and nutrition and growth and development of children go hand in hand and for the same, the children are encouraged to eat healthy food provided at mealtimes to help them to learn to feed themselves and learn table manners and healthy eating habits. This encourages them to develop an understanding of the requirement of food. The food is cooked in an in house kitchen under hygienic conditions and is apt for the palate of children. Seasonal vegetables, fruit, and milk are included in the daily diet and the meal menu is shared with the parents to enable them to know what their child is eating and to address any allergies, etc.

Children are grouped according to their ages to enable them to mingle with children of their own age as that helps in their growth and development. Children learn from each other while interacting and playing together and to help develop social skills. The children are given freedom but within limits, as they learn to interact with other children enabling them to empathize, share and explore their potential.

Playschool and daycare focus on learning life skills through hands-on experiences. Twenty-five years of experience in childcare and teaching in an environment full of love, laughter, and learning is an achievement that speaks for itself!!

The children are exposed to various methods including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and Playway methods. A blend of methods helps the children to understand concepts better and keeps their interests alive. A new theme is introduced monthly and children are exposed to new topics involving the world around them. Children are like sponges, absorbing and imbibing from their environment, and are supremely interested in the same. All worksheets, stories, rhymes, etc revolve around the theme of the month enabling the children to grasp the concepts clearly while having fun.

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