A world full of love, laughter and learning loving with a warm, comfortable and vibrant environment
is what Little Pearls offer to the children. The children are looked after and cared for by a team of
expert and well trained and experienced teachers and nannies. With over twenty-five years of
experience, the school is one of the oldest playschools in Vasant vihar.
The playschool admission is based on the age of the children, starting from around one and a half
years of age. Social interaction, life skills, and holistic development are what the school focuses on as
well as numeracy and literacy.
A different theme is taken up each month and all activities, worksheets, stories, puppet shows, etc
are planned according to the theme, this ensures that the children have hands-on experiences and
intrinsically understand the concept instead of mere rote learning. All activities are designed and
based on a well-planned curriculum for playschool. Different methodologies are followed and
implemented ensuring that the best is brought out in each child. Children have fun while learning
and thus look forward to new activities every day.
The playschool ensures a smooth transition between the home and formal school thus playing a key
role in the child’s growing up years. Parents and children are comfortable in the loving atmosphere
in the school and are thus assured that their child is in the best hands!! An open-door policy is
practiced and parents are welcome to observe their children during their day at school for the first
few days. This enables a bond to be formed between the school and parents and is of immense
importance for both.
The well lit, spacious classrooms are decorated beautifully and have areas for free play, the working
stations and a cozy corner where the children read. The books are easily accessible and thus often
catch the attention of young readers. The books provided in each classroom are age-appropriate
and are changed monthly. Children learn how to handle books and keep them back after reading.
Hygiene and safety are paramount at this preschool and the preschool has been awarded many
times for the same. All areas of the preschool are cleaned regularly to eliminate any chances of
contamination and breeding of germs. Regular pest control and cleaning practices are followed thus
ensuring the highest standards of hygiene. All classrooms and common areas are equipped with air
conditioners and air purifiers for the comfort of the children. The air quality reading is taken on a
daily basis and is updated on the school website every day as well. The safety of children has been kept
in mind in terms of infrastructure, classroom design, and furniture. The school’s playground is
equipped with outdoor toys like toy cars, tricycles, see-saws, swings, slides, and a trampoline.
Nutritious and well-balanced meal is provided to the children attending the preschool. Breakfast,
lunch, and fruits are provided to the children. The playschools menu is shared with the parents on a
monthly basis to address any concerns, allergies, etc. The food is cooked in an in-house kitchen by
experienced cooks. The children eat a variety of food and thoroughly enjoy mealtimes with their
With an infrastructure of international standards, spacious, well-maintained classrooms, activity
areas, safe and hygienic environment, well qualified and experienced staff and a loving, warm
the atmosphere, this is undoubtedly the best playschool in Vasant vihar!!

  • Join us at the Little Pearls Summer Camp starting from 27th May to 14th June 2024