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Play School in Vasant Vihar

Two decades ago, people gave play school a pass and opted for elementary education directly. That was when children joined school at age 4. But things have changed. With the advent of globalisation, the world has become a shared village. Services, professionals and businesses are competing more than ever before for space in the market. Now, in an endeavour to prepare their children for the adult world, parents start them off young on the road to education. The average age people enrol their children in schools nowadays is 2.5 years. These young pupils start with play school. A good play school in Vasant Vihar is Little Pearls. The school imbibes the project based learning format so lauded by educationists worldwide and has a sound student-teacher ratio to enable optimum performance.

Why are play schools important? Because when children are learning and playing with joy, it’s a positive experience. This helps them develop a positive approach towards learning, which can influence their attitude towards studies their whole lives. Moreover, the play school your child attends could determine the school he gets into. And the school he goes to can determine the college he goes to and so on. In particular, a sound play school education promotes the following: personal, social and emotional development; language skills and speech development; numbers and problem solving; exposure to the world and the concept of questioning and investigation; physical development and creative development. All of these skills count towards the holistic development of your child and trail him on his journey to adulthood and beyond.

A good play school of international standards such as Little Pearls, the play school in Vasant Vihar, can bring out your child’s hidden talents and abilities. The activities conducted by good play schools are so diverse in nature that they give your child the chance to explore and grow into several areas of interest, unearthing the things he’s good at in the process. Sometimes children may even discover a passion they could pursue as a career or a serious hobby.

Competent play schools such as Little Pearls are engaging students in dramatisation, role playing, public speaking, art and craft, gardening, mental math, science, dance, music, clay modelling, pottery, etc, to instil children with confidence and help them identify areas of interest early on. In fact, just the act of engaging in these activities opens the mind of the child, leading to creative and intellectual growth even before he or she has embarked upon formal school education.

The mind of a child is very similar to the plasticine clay we used to mould into animal shapes as children—highly impressionable and easy to mould. In other words, what the  child experiences, observes and absorbs in his or her early years is crucial to his future development. Therefore, the play school the child attends in his formative years plays a vital role in shaping his character and intelligence in years to come.

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