> September 2022


Dear Parents,
The theme for the month of September was plants (fruits &Vegetables). The range of activities varied from planting, sowing, watering, uprooting the vegetables and finally preparing something out of it! This kept children engrossed and intrigued at the same time.

The set up of fruit& vegetable market was thoroughly enjoyed by children of all classes.

Children learnt to examine a group of vegetables and fruits, and sort them into (1) Vegetable Group and (2) Fruit Group, learnt about the similarities and differences between fruits and vegetables. They learnt the importance of eating fresh vegetables and fruits daily. Some classes categorized all fruits and vegetables into seven colours of rainbow, some classes did activities to learn parts of plant that
grow above the soil and under the soil and some learnt about capillary action and many more.

Theme related story books and rhymes were introduced.

Children of playgroup class came dressed up as Rama, Lakshman, Sita, Ravana etc and spoke about their favourite character of Ramayana. All classes played Dussehra games like “I Spy”, Matki Race and Rangoli Making and enjoyed dancing on the beats of garbha and dandiya music.

We are looking forward to the coming month with the theme
”Dinosaur”. Please mark your calendars for the Diwali Fair on 15 th
October and the Parent-Teacher Meeting on 29 th October.

Little Pearls