> September 2023


Dear Parents,

The theme for the September month was Farm and Wild Animals. The children were taught the difference between wild and farm animals and also the importance of animals to us and the environment.

Children engaged in a series of activities, games, songs, and rhymes centred on animals.

Singing and dancing animal songs and becoming a part of the jungle or farm was a fun way to help children remember the animal names, their features and sounds they make.

Hands on activities about animals got our little geniuses’ minds racing. Feeding the animals, setting up a zoo, creating a farm, sorting of animals based on skin (colour and pattern), identifying and naming of different members of the cat family, identifying theanimals according to their sound and endless other activities were fun to do.

Theme related story books like Giraffe can’t dance, The three billy goats gruff, Egg in the hole, Zebra who lost his stripes, The lion and the mouse, etc and rhymes like Elly the elephant, We are going to the zoo, down in the jungle,  etc were introduced.

This month we celebrated Grandparents day on Sept 6, along with Janmashtmi celebrations. A grandparent narrated the story of Krishna to our little ones.

Children made flutes and matkis and danced to the tunes of Janmashtmi songs along with their grandparents. We played various games. Teachers along with the children sang songs to honour the love and blessings of our grandparents. The day was filled with
oodles of happy faces, excitement and cheer.

The month ended with Farm and Wild animals’ day which was a dress up and show & Tell day for children.

We are looking forward to the next month where we would be talking about plants, fruits
and vegetables.

Parent Teacher Meeting will be held on Saturday, 28 th Oct, 2023. Please ‘save the date’!

Kalpana Garg