> October 2023


Dear Parents,

The theme for the month of October was plants (fruits & Vegetables). The range of activities varied from planting, sowing, watering, uprooting the vegetables and finally preparing something out of it! This kept children engrossed and intrigued at the same time.

Children learnt to examine a group of vegetables and fruits, and sort them into (1) Vegetable Group and (2) Fruit Group, learnt about the similarities and differences between fruits and vegetables. They learnt the importance of eating fresh vegetables and fruits daily.

Some classes categorized fruits and vegetables on the basis of colours, some classes did activities to learn parts of plant that grow above the soil and under the soil and some learnt about capillary action and many more.

Theme related story books like The adamant apple, The odd Orange, Jack and the beanstalk, The enormous turnip, Oliver’s fruit salad, etc and rhymes like I love fruits & vegetables, red colour apple growing on a tree, How does a plant grow, Five red apples, etc were introduced.

This month the talented children’s book author, Ms. Esha Gupta  visited Little and delighted our young learners with her enchanting tales from “The Adamant Apple” and “The Odd Orange.

To celebrate dussehra festival, we organised a captivating Ramayana story narration by Ms Seema Wahi & 1-week dandiya workshop for the parents. Our Little Pearlites were enchanted by the epic tales and swayed to the rhythmic beats of Garba & Dandhiya. Thank you to all parents, Ms Seema, teachers and children for making this event a grand success!.

The theme for the month of November will be”Community Helpers”.

Our annual fair on Diwali theme will be held on 4th Nov, saturday. Looking forward to see you all.

Kalpana Garg