> November 2023


Dear Parents,

It’s the last month of the year 2023. Time flew by too quickly and we are at the last leg of the year, making beautiful memories.

November was the month dedicated to show respect and gratitude to all our community helpers. The children learnt about their neighbourhood, community living, the services provided and roles played by people living in a community.

The range of activities varied from baking and cooking to pretending to be doctor, a fire extinguisher, a booker seller, a makeup and hair stylist, a flower seller to a grocery and vegetable sellers and many more.

Theme related story books and rhymes were introduced too.

A special event was organised in which our little pearlites stepped into the shoes of community helpers and parents joined as customers, making it a delightful day of pretend play.

The children were overwhelmed and enjoyed the whole pretend play setup.

On Oct 28, the Parent Teacher Meeting was conducted and we gave the first term report cards. It gives a glimpse to the parents into the academic world of their child. Many children are eligible for admissions to formal schools for the academic year 2024-25. The Nursery admission in formal schools have commenced from Nov 23. We would be happy to be of assistance, in case any help is required.

We are looking forward to the coming month with the theme”Seasons & Christmas” and Christmas carnival on Dec 16.

Thank you,

Little Pearls